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(Accessory Dwelling Units)

With increased housing prices and population, especially in San Francisco Bay Area; not only homeowners, but also renters started to look for alternatives.


ADU (Accessory Dwelling Units) is very popular nowadays in San Francisco Bay Area. We, as Top Kitchen and Bath Design, only recently completed one Adu (Acessory Dwelling Units) in San Jose. With ADU (Accessory Dwelling Units), you get extra income. You can even use for your Airbnb services.

An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is a secondary housing unit on a single-family residential lot.

Based on your city, one of the type is Detached new construction ADUs, also sometimes called backyard cottages in San Francisco Bay Area.

Types of ADU (Accessory Dwelling Units) :

As a second option, you can turn your garage into ADU (Accessory Dwelling Units).Or if you have space, you can attach or add ADU (Accessory Dwelling Units) onto you garage or workspace in Ihe Bay Area.

What is ADU (Accessory Dwelling Units)?

  1. We specialize in designing and building accessory dwelling units – we can help you to get the permits and building your ADU.

  2. Your ADU unit will be unique to your needs.

  3. We know getting permits and learning the rules are hard and that’s why, we are here to help.

  4. We are building and remodeling houses, townhouses, condos, apartments all over the San Francisco Bay Area, so with our experience, you will get the best result.

  5. If you have any questions or concerns after we finish the project, you can always reach us.